The Four Stats

Your Kobold has four stats: Brawn, Ego, Extraneous, and Reflexes. These determine how good it is at doing things like casting a spell, cooking dinner, or slaying a chicken. To perform an action in the game you must roll under the appropriate stat. The number of D6 you need to roll will be determined by how difficult the action is.
Roll 2D6 four times and arrange the scores for your stats. You’ll probably die fairly quickly, so it’s not worth cheating on these.

Brawn (B)
Basically strength. When you want to lift something, break something or hurt something you roll against Brawn. It will also determine how hard your Kobold’s HP and ToHit.

Ego (E)
Your Kobold’s intelligence. It determines how well you cast spells, hide or speak with humans.

Extraneous (e)
This is pretty useless. It determines your movement, but is otherwise just used for stuff that has no bearing on combat. Like interaction. Ha!

Your Kobold’s athleticism and dexterity. Used for climbing walls, dodging stuff, jumping, things like that. This will also determine your Combat Dice which represents how difficult it is to hit you.


Besides killing and eating, your Kobold will know how to do four things. You can choose one skill in each of the four categories, which correspond to the four stats. When you want to use it the GM will tell you how many D6s you need to roll, depending on how difficult the thing you’re trying to do is. You roll under the corresponding stat to succeed.

Example: Players A and B want to hide from an oncoming Adventurer. A has Hide, which is an Ego skill. The GM tells him that the difficulty of hiding from the Adventurer is 3D6, so A rolls that and tries to get under his Ego stat. Player B doesn’t have Hide, so when he tries to hide he gets told that he’s a loser and he can’t and the Aventurer sees him. He will die.

Some of these skills don’t require you to roll under the stat. These ones will have the “(Danger!)” written next to them. We’ll get on to exactly what that means later.

Brawn Skills

Duelist: You can re-roll a failed attack roll. (Danger!)
Lift: You can carry an extra item without penalty. The difficulty will depend on the size and weight of the extra item.
Swim: You can swim.
Wrestle: You can grab things and put them on the ground. The diffiiculty will equal the Combat Dice of the target. After a successful wrestle you can choose to put the thing into your mouth. Chewing does 3 damage per turn.

Ego Skills

Hide: You can conceal yourself.
Magick: You can cast spells (see Magick section). (Danger!)
Traps: You can set or disarm traps. The difficulty of searching for traps is 2D6, the difficulty of disarming them will be up to the GM. The difficulty of setting a trap will be 1D6 per point of damage you want the trap to do.
Speak Human: You can understand and be understood by humans. The difficulty will depend on what you want to say, or what you hear.

Extraneous Skills

Bard: Telling lies, basically like Bluff in D20. You can convince people of shit. Difficulty examples: 2D6 to lie to another Kobold, 3D6 to lie to a human, 4D6 to lie to King Torg, 5D6 to lie to Vor.
Cook: You can cook. The recipe determines the difficulty. Eating cooked stuff will heal HP.
Trade: You can re-roll any result on any chart (this doesn’t include failed checks). This skill can be used during Kobold generation. (Danger!)
Spelunk: The ability to hang from ropes, stake doors, etc.

Reflex Skills

Athlete: Leaping, climbing, rolling, balancing.
Throw: You can hurl objects, melee weapons and babies at foes. Most objects will do 1 damage. The difficulty will equal the target’s Combat Dice.
Sneak: You can move past something without being detected. The base difficulty for this is 2D6, but it will depend what you’re trying to sneak past.
Steal: You can take things from people. Again, base difficulty is 2D6.


Every time a Kobold fails a skill check there is a chance that they will die a Horrible Kobold Death. Each time you fail, you get one Death Point. You roll 2D6 and add your total Death Points – if the result is 12 or less then you survive. If it is 13 or more, you don’t. Note that when you use a skill that’s marked ‘Danger!’, you take a Death Point automatically and have to make your 2D6+DP check.