Your Kobold can carry a maximum of two items at any one time – one for each hand. This doesn’t include clothing or armour.
When you create your Kobold you will get to roll 2D6 on each of the three equipment tables: Weapons, Armour, and Random Shit.

Weapon Table
2. Nothing.
3. Stick (1 Dam)
4. Club (2 Dam)
5. Hammer (1 Dam)
6. Knife (1 Dam)
7. Dagger (1 Dam)
8. Small Sword (2 Dam)
9. Cooking Utensil (1 Dam, Bonus die to Cook checks)
10. Iron Frying Pan (2 Dam)
11. Chain (2 Dam)
12. Dead Rat (0 Dam)

Armour Table
2. Backpack (see description)
3. Socks (1 Armour HP [AHP])
4. T-shirt (2 AHP)
5. Leather Jacket (6 AHP)
6. Beer-Barrel Armour (9 AHP, Penalty die to Athlete checks)
7. Nothing
8. Discarded Children’s Clothes (1 AHP)
9. Big Shield (12 AHP, but counts as an Item)
10. Khaki Trousers (1 AHP)
11. Leather Trousers (4 AHP)
12. Metal Pot Helm (10 AHP)

Random Shit Table
2. GM’s choice
3. Bag Of Marbles
4. Lint
5. Rope (Bonus die to Spelunk checks)
6. Wooden Pole (Bonus die to Spelunk checks)
7. Alcohol
8. Spice Sack
9. Codex of Tabriz the Arcane
10. Ring of Human Speaking
11. Cup of Milk Elemental Summoning
12. Bag of Holding: Chickens

Backpack: This will fit any one item roughly the size of a baby. The backpack and its contents don’t count against the items you’re allowed to carry.
Alcohol: To find out exactly what the alcohol is and does you’ll have to drink it. Different every time!
Spice Sack: An arsenal of herbs and spices, these give you a bonus die to Cook checks, and the food will give you an extra D6 HP.
Codex of Tabriz the Arcane, Evil Arch-Warlock for Hire: You have D6 pages of a magic book. To use a page you have to scrunch it up and throw it at the target. Then you roll 2D6 to see what spell was on the page (see Magick section). The spell will automatically succeed, and you’ll get one Death Point for using it.
Cup of Milk Elemental Summoning: Use this to summon a Milk Elemental from the Demi-Plane of Dairy Products. Milk Elementals can calm cows and babies, stop fires, or attack enemies.
Bag of Holding: Chickens: The bag can only hold chickens, but can hold an infinite amount of them. If the Kobold holding the bag lets go of it or dies, all the chickens put in the bag will escape and appear around the Kobold. They will probably be enraged.