If you have the Magick skill, you can cast a spell by making an Ego check, difficulty 2D6. If you make it, you choose one of the spells below to cast. If you fail, roll 2D6 again to determine which spells actually goes off. Either way, you will get one Death Point and have to check against it.

Magick Spell Table
2. Nothing…
3. Wall Of Beer
4. Hagen’s LARPsfucation
5. Kobold Mind Trick
6. Bail’s Floating Frying Pan
7. Restor’s Spell Of Somnolence
8. Tabriz’ Ball Of Flaming Death
9. Lord Elmer’s Ball Of Glue
10. Sandor’s Spell Of Chicken Summoning
11. The SHAZAM! Spell
12. The Spell Of Mostly Unspeakable Horrors

Wall Of Beer: Creates a beer wall in front of the caster. Kobolds behind the wall get +2 Combat Dice, and creatures attempting to pass through the wall must make a Brawn check, difficulty 4D6.

Hagen’s LARPsfucation: The caster becomes invisible for D6 turns.

Kobold Mind Trick: The caster can influence the actions of another creature by issuing a simple command. The effect lasts D6 turns.

Bail’s Floating Frying Pan: A magick frying pan appears that gives a 2D6 bonus to Cook checks and can be used as a weapon dealing 3 damage.

Restor’s Spell Of Somnolence: The caster can send a target to sleep for D6 turns.

Tabriz’ Ball Of Flaming Death: A ball of fire shoots from the caster’s hand to the target dealing D6 damage. It also ignites any combustible objects in its path.

Lord Elmer’s Ball Of Glue: The caster conjures an orb of elemental stickiness from the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Adhesives. The target is caught in the glue, making all Reflex actions 1D6 harder. Also, the target can’t put items down and anything it touches sticks to it.

Sandor’s Spell Of Chicken Summoning: A chicken is summoned that obeys the caster’s commands.

The SHAZAM! Spell: The caster can teleport himself to any place that he can see.

The Spell Of Mostly Unspeakable Horrors: The target of this spell takes a Death Check, and 1 damage for every Death Point the caster has.

Note that the duration for these spells is rolled by the GM, and players don’t get to see the result.