To hit something, you have to roll D6s equal to the target’s Combat Dice, and get under your Brawn.

Reflexes & Combat Dice
0-5: 1 CD
6-9: 2 CD
10-14: 3 CD
15-18: 4 CD
19-22: 5 CD
23+: 6 CD

You deal damage equal to the Damage stat of whatever you hit the target with. If your Kobold doesn’t have a weapon, its claws or teeth deal 1 point of damage, but you get a 1D6 penalty to your hit roll. Damage comes off their HP, obv. If the target has armour on, the damage comes off their Armour Hit Points first.


When you eat something, you gain whatever HP the thing had. This only works for creatures, not inanimate objects. Cooking the thing first will double the HP you gain.


At the end of the game, the player with the most XP wins. Yes, there is a winner. You lose 10 XP for dying. (although I’m not sure whether that figure will work. we’ll do a play-through and see if it fits)

Spending XP

You can use your XP to buy stuff!

For 2 XP you can roll on any one equipment table.
For 4 XP you can select any equipment item.
For 3 XP you can roll on the Magick Table to get a spell to use whenever you want.
For 6 XP you can select a particular spell.
You can spend any number of XP to gain that many HP, or 3 XP to gain D6 HP.